Virgo Weekly Horoscope March 9, 2015

Virgo March Weekly Horoscope 2015

Romance does NOT do well this week for a hefty section of Virgos as loss and downgrades in status ARE indicated but ultimately, the cosmos may have a 'bigger plan' and its making changes to make room for new opportunity. Omens near the 12th to 14th may give you new insight, especially if Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini, Cancer or Sagittarius is involved. Any loss is likely to be quickly followed by new opportunity.

Friends may move on, away or migrate out of your life due to marriage, promotion or loss and it is a 'part of life' this week. New friendships can be 'born' out of the connections involved as those who 'tend to take their place' may become 'fast friends' themselves.

With Mercury going retro the 12th, many Virgos may get 'sad/bad news'. It's typical but appears short lived with new opportunity flowing in as soon as the 15/16th, 22/23rd or weeks of the 26th and 1st. Change may hit suddenly either the 13/14th or 18th and appears to be something you 'should not fear but embrace' although it may not appear to be so 'on the surface at the time'. Upgrades, promotions and opportunities to 'show your stuff' may be hidden within the changes.

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