Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius March 16, 2015

Free Pisces Weekly Horoscope March 16, 2015

You appear to put a great deal into the 18th to 21st and it may be 'one hard, demanding day after another' filled with quick fixes, inventive solutions and a TON of 'placation' especially for Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and any 'spoiled' members. Sibling issues may grab center stage, especially IF there is property to divide, health care decision to make or any dealings over/with elders, particularly IF Leo, Aries, Libra, other Aquarius or Capricorn is involved. Create NO excitement levels the 22nd as they are prone to escalate WAY out of control and FAST!

Romance shows a 'level of threat and LOSS' this week, especially near the 20th, and again near the 22/23rd as even the most innocent and simple of 'encounters' OLD or NEW, can escalate quickly into the WRONG direction. Having what you do or say taken out of context OR, reacting more than you expect or even 'feel' is a typical threat! Take it slowly, especially the 22/23rd. This is NOT a good week for singles.

New friends are likely this week and may come into your life for the sole purpose of solving sudden problems that arise. It may be the way of the universe to 'import' help for you. Embrace assistance and don't be too 'shy' about asking or allowing!

You may have more than the/your 'fair share of work' dumped upon you the 18th to 20th and the whole block of time could contain more than ONE agenda, expectation, duty, goal or deal and you are trying madly to juggle and address or at least, finish ALL of them; you know that perfectionist in you? It's in control this week! A piece of very 'exciting news' or a sudden turn of 'promising events' may sweep you off your feet the 22nd; grapple for control 'right now' and 'on the spot'. Zip it and contain it quickly! There is big profit to be had IF handled right!

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