Weekly Horoscope: Aries March 16, 2015

Free Aries Weekly Horoscope March 16, 2015

As the 'New Solar Year' starts the 20th, with the entry of the sun into Aries itself, your stars show one domino affect/demand after another and you may be juggling the finishing of the OLD, with the starting of the NEW and both in the air at one time! Soft peddle issues the 19th or risk an 'or else' delay or setback. Embrace a discussion without impulse the 20th. DO NOT be 'too quick' to judge, discipline or act the 21st, as you show some 'acclimation' time/energy IS needed. Quell 'sudden excitement levels' the 22nd or risk an even BIGGER 'or else'.

Being too quick to act the 20th to 23rd can put a dead end damper on any opportunity, growth or 'hope' OLD or NEW, no matter what the sign involved. Hot prospects like Aries, Aquarius, Leo, a few Taurus and half the Libras may be available to single Rams. Take it SLOW!

A pal may 'create some excitement' this week and you know your friends! Are they the type to get wound up and 'celebrate life' with joy and fervor? OR, are they the type that exploits every opportunity to create mini-crisis/drama out of any dynamic? You know the ones to avoid this week!

Some of you who have been 'waiting a LONG time' for something to start, an opportunity to 'take off' or 'come together' may get your wish this week from as soon as the 20th and may have a second 'launch date' in the 22nd. Power people tend to favor you and any 'outrageous' conduct at work near the 22nd MUST be controlled. Do NOT be part of any faction that 'gets carried away' good OR bad.

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