Weekly Horoscope: Capricorn March 16, 2015

Free Capricorn Weekly Horoscope March 16, 2015

Talk and more talk the 18/19th may make you feel like you have flown back to LAST week! The only way to 'get past' the issues that get 'dragged into the future' is to talk them into dissolving. Pound them into the dirt until they have no life left and do NOT bring them into the New Solar Year the 20th. The Capricorn Year ENDS at 7:02AM E. D. T. on the 20th; leave all the CRAP back in last solar year and move on to bigger, better and even 'more wonderful' things. An emotional clash with an elder, parent, power person, especially Leo, Cancer, Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio is possible the 23rd; try to manage this one 'out of your life' quickly or totally.

Romance does well this week as SOME Sea Goats catch 'the last brass ring' from the Capricorn Year and score big time but it may take some time before you are aware of 'who' this wonder person IS. Likely 'dates' are the 18th to 20th and again near the 21st and later 22nd and don't give up the ship! Paired Caps sort out some hefty 'emotional issues' with mates near the 18th, later on the 20th and possibly 'AGAIN' over the 'SSDD' the 23rd.

Chances are your friends will be less likely to be 'in need' and you may be MORE likely to need them the 18th to 20th, with a 180 the 20th to 22nd; then there is mutual ground to 'just enjoy each other' the 23/24th.

Finish up ALL old work, wrap up lose ends, respect authority BIG time and adapt to any level of 'change' no matter how small 'quickly' the 18/19th. Small disagreements with coworkers ARE possible the 18th and again the 22nd but blow past them by being totally professional. Something you may be 'waiting for desperately' may be 'delayed' the 20th but appears to break free the 21st into 22nd.

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