Weekly Horoscopes 2015: Scorpio March Week 1

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Forecast March 02, 2015

Scorpio Family March 02 2015:
Soft peddle an issue near the 15th to 17th or risk having more come of it than is necessary, especially if Aries, Pisces, Libra, Cancer or youth of any sign is involved. Keep an eye on 'necessity spending,' and be willing to cover it but 'within reason,' especially near the 18/19th when it tends to 'escalate.' Travel as a group may be necessary the 20/21st and spending can easily get out of hand, especially if gifting and/or dining out.

Scorpio Love March 02 2015:
Romance holds some level of promise for the single Stinger this week, especially near the PM of the 18th to the 21st. Taurus, Libra, Aries, other Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo appear likely candidates and long term success IS indicated. Having a 'change of mind,' IF you are a 'retired' or long term deep freeze Stinger is also likely. A willingness to change your mid set may come naturally and without warning near the 19th to 31st.

Scorpio Friendship March 02 2015:
Friends appear very encouraging this week and extend several invitations, especially to community events and hobby or industry 'shows and exposes.' Attending such events can be very useful in both career AND social networking. Making new friends who later supply career enhancements is very likely this week, especially Taurus, other Scorpio, Libra, Aries or Cancer.

Scorpio Career March 02 2015:
An 'old problem,' can lift quickly near the later hours of the 15th. A long discussion or meeting is likely near the 16/17th and may be 'ongoing,' in some cases, covering both days. Use patience as outcomes tend to be both swift and good. An invitation from a power person made anywhere NEAR the 18/19th and 'in any form,' can be very profitable, especially if long distance or foreign connections are involved and may 'signal' good things 'to come.'

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