Aquarius 08 June 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Family Horoscope

While you show good support and high levels of appreciation this week from family, you may find a sort of 'fed up,' attitude near the 9th and most likely from intolerance endured by Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Pisces or any sign 'over money.' Calm the atmosphere or risk a bigger problem 'mushrooming' from the 9th near the 11th. Fun events and gatherings are likely near the 12th and 14th. Family 'from out of town' may need 'food and lodging.'

Aquarius 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Love Horoscope

Romance does well this week near the 8th and 14th but NOT near the 10th for some of you. Being 'targeted' by gossip, suspicion and even innuendo is likely, possibly by Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Aries or Leo. Remain calm and seek proof before 'taking the bait.' Single Juggers may find poor quality and 'short term' connections this week that just 'do not pan out,' for a variety of reasons.

Aquarius 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Friendship Horoscope

Your friends are dear to you. Find lot of good quality time to spend with the, especially near the 8/9th and again the 13/14th. Shared hobbies, sports and attending events, even within their families seems a good use of time this week. Be 'most understanding,' in situations where 'assumptions' are made.

Aquarius 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Career Horoscope

Most of the week is filled with opportunity and room for growth and expansion. Upgrades and high profit margins are likely along with 'good news' about/from the economy. Be very mindful of any/all 'office politics,' near the 10th and 12th. Avoid gossipers or any who appear to be 'unhappy and/or looking to stir up trouble.' Big bosses may demand faster results near the 11/12th.


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