Cancer August 2015 Forecast

Free Cancer Horoscope August 2015

Spice up your life this month with creative expression and bold action. Attractive Venus enters lovely Libra in your 4th House of Home and Family on August 6, stimulating your artistic sensibilities and highlighting the value you place on beauty in your environment. The New Moon in outgoing Leo on August 9 in your 2nd House of Self-Worth increases your courage and willingness to take risks. Indulging yourself in luxury now won’t make you lazy; instead, it gives you the confidence to follow up on big financial ideas and projects that may have seemed out of reach before. Boundary-breaking Uranus backs into mystical Pisces and your visionary 9th House on August 13, where it will reignite dreams of a more exciting future through March 11, 2016.

Jupiter and Saturn, the planetary shapers of destiny, make their second opposition on August 16 in a series that began on May 23 and finishes on March 28, 2016. You may feel pulled between the urge for a more exciting professional life and the need for safety and security, but you don’t have to reach a final decision now. Current circumstances should help clarify the picture, enabling you to make a more informed choice when you’re ready. Articulate Mercury starts mumbling as it turns retrograde on August 20, beginning a three-week period when you must take extra care to avoid mistakes and miscommunication. On August 24, the Full Moon in compassionate Pisces illuminates your 9th House of Big Ideas where hunger for deeper meaning can make your daily life seem inconsequential. The purpose, though, is to nourish your routine with a spiritual perspective that motivates you and keeps your life in balance.

Cancer August 2015 Key Dates

A stressful square between self-righteous Jupiter and ruthless Pluto on August 3 sets the stage for intense negotiations and possible power struggles. On August 4, a minor disagreement can grow into major conflict as militant Mars opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto. If you’re caught in crossfire between friends or colleagues, get out of the way. Peacemakers may not be appreciated when hot tempers and stubborn belief systems collide. Positively, this is an opportunity to clean out your philosophical closet and let go of old concepts that don’t support your current growth.

Life is less than peaceful at home as the Sun and Venus align with restless Uranus on August 7. Unexpected visitors and sudden changes could knock you off balance. It’s natural to react quickly, yet wiser to wait for emotions to cool before expressing them openly. Sociable Venus’s conjunction with responsible Saturn on August 8 rewards patience and maturity in dealing with delicate matters. Still, Venus’s hard aspects to justifying Jupiter on August 9 and punishing Pluto on August 10 could bring personal issues to a boil. Just be sure that you’re willing the deal with the heat before adding more fuel to the fire.

AUGUST 18–21
You favor fantasy over fact as impatient Mars, indulgent Venus, and the Sun form stressful aspects with illusory Neptune. Your illusions let you see romance where it doesn’t really exist and perceive aggression when none is intended. Still, a flirty Venus-Mars conjunction on August 20 could make a delightful Friday night. Perhaps your imagination has been cultivating a hopeful atmosphere so you fully appreciate the company of a fun-loving friend. Lurking in the background, though, is a pressure-packed Saturn-Pluto square on August 21—returning on January 31, 2016—challenging you to make extreme changes to improve a current partnership.


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