Cancer Weekly Horoscope 11th-17th May 2015

Cancer Weekly Family Horoscope 11th May 2015:

Get as much done the 11/12th as you can with errands, needs or communicating since your stars show a physical AND financial 'down time' likely the later hours of the 12th clear through to the end of the 14th with common illness, fatigue, minor injury, loss, extra expense and discovery of recent mistakes that take money to solve or salvage. Your humor and energy appear to be restored nicely the 15th just in time to 'juggle' a rather demanding 16th and navigate an emotional minefield the 17th.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope 11th May 2015:

You may come to really understand the value and meaning of 'love' this week, especially for family and personalities that require patience, tolerance and continued stamina from your emotional vault. Feeling 'bankrupt' by the 16/17th can not be ruled out but it may be well worth it to invest and 'hang in there,' especially wit Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Libra or Capricorn.

Cancer Weekly Friendship Horoscope 11th May 2015:

Friends are very helpful this week when your back is to the wall on what may BE a 'number of issues,' or situations. Call upon Aries, Pisces, Taurus, other Crabs, Scorpio and Virgo to help and upon Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius or Leo to 'keep you company.'

Cancer Weekly Career Horoscope 11th May 2015:

A lower profile may help this week, especially if any 'heads are rolling,' situations are going on around you. Jealous and insecure coworkers can be real 'lose cannons' this week and playing pass the buck and point the finger are likely near the 12th and 14th. Power people seem to 'just want answers' and 'accountability' may become an issue 'across the board,' causing 'crap to roll down hill.'

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