Capricorn August Forecast 2015

Free Capricorn Horoscope August 2015

Relationships are your primary source of opportunity as well as struggle this month. Sharing power isn’t easy with domineering Pluto square exaggerating Jupiter on August 3 and stingy Saturn on August 21. Yet you can take a major step toward cementing an alliance by clarifying what a partnership could achieve and what you have to sacrifice in return. Accommodating Venus shifts into equitable Libra and your 10th House of Status on August 6, attracting someone willing to play fair and reminding you that harmonious teamwork is possible. The loud Leo New Moon on August 9 in your 8th House of Joint Holdings can launch a fresh creative union. Taking a personal or financial leap with another person is a highrisk enterprise, but it can be rewarding enough to merit serious consideration.

A caution flag is raised when mercantile Mercury turns retrograde on August 20, the same day that a sexy Venus-Mars conjunction tempts you with the promise of delight. What you’re seeing, however, isn’t necessarily what you’ll get: Mercury can entangle you in complicated conversations and muddled messages until it turns direct on September 12. Your desire for precise thinking and communication is underscored when the Sun enters detail-driven Virgo on August 23. Yet finding the right balance between facts and feelings is the message of a Full Moon in intuitive Pisces on August 24, which falls in your 3rd House of Communication. Words can become saturated with emotion, obscuring their meaning. On the other hand, a less literal approach to expressing yourself brings poetic speech and allows your imagination to get your point across even when objectivity fails.

Capricorn August 2015 Key Dates

The intensity of opinionated Jupiter’s square with unrelenting Pluto on August 3 is amplified when tough guy Mars opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto on August 4. This aggressive planet can trigger extreme reactions, making compromise almost impossible. Powerful desires and deep dislike push neutrality out of the picture. Don’t waste this potent force on trivial disputes; be a fierce warrior for a worthy cause that’s close to your heart.

Optimistic Jupiter’s second opposition to skeptical Saturn brings your need for a new adventure face-to-face with the demands of your present responsibilities. This is a time to make strategic adjustments that keep hope alive, even if the odds are against you now. The matter will be settled when Jupiter and Saturn make their last opposition on March 28, 2016.

AUGUST 20–21
The planetary paramours, Venus and Mars, hook up in your 10th House of Career on August 20, which could get your creative juices flowing at work. But you could also find yourself enamored with an authoritative individual—or, if you’re lucky, attract someone thanks to your commanding personality. Still, today’s retrograde Mercury and the shadowy Saturn-Pluto square on August 21 can put you in a danger zone where lust for a person or power can land you in trouble.

AUGUST 23–24
The Sun’s entry into your 9th House of Future Vision on August 23 is meant to motivate you, yet your view can be cluttered with details and dimmed by selfdoubt. Fortunately, the inspirational Pisces Full Moon in your 3rd House of Immediate Environment on August 24 brings you down from the dizzying heights and reveals magic and beauty much closer to home. Once you notice the little miracles that are happening around you, making a giant leap forward will seem as simple as taking one small step.


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