Capricorn June Weekly Horoscope 01-07, 2015

Capricorn 01-07 June Weekly Family Horoscope

Get as much done the 1st as you can since cooperation and reliability begin to fade quickly the 2/3rd, especially in matters of travel, timing and financial output. Cooperation is best the 4th, especially from spouse and in-laws. Finances improve and getting the 'nod,' on real estate or loans is likely. Losses from gambling or taking any kind of 'chance' can be steep near the 5th unless you are 'practical' and cautious.

Capricorn 01-07 June Weekly Love Horoscope

Romance may BE the 'loss' that is indicated near the 5th, especially if you 'take a chance,' and try some kind of 'emotional gamble,' with a relationship status. This is especially likely if paired to Virgo, Gemini, Aries, other Caps or Leo. Give serious thought to your future the 7th and be willing to have frank and revealing discussions.

Capricorn 01-07 June Weekly Friendship Horoscope

Friendship may require some high level 'emotional risk taking,' this week near the 1st and again near the 5th to maintain a relationship status you value. The outcome is promising near the 1st but may not be near the 5th if you are dealing with a Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo or other Capricorn pal. You may have to choose 'doing the right thing,' and 'integrity' over what you'd rather do to 'keep,' the friendship. If this is the case, perhaps it is not the friendship you thought it was.

Capricorn 01-07 June Weekly Career Horoscope

You do show good results this week, especially where the 'written word,' is a lager part of deals and progress. While cooperation from coworkers is not impressive the 2nd to 4th, you can still do a lot of other types of tasks that are more 'self driven.' Power and money people are most cooperative the 4th, especially in meetings. Do NOT 'take any chances' the afternoon hours of the 5th.


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