July Horoscope 2015 for Aries

Aries Monthly Horoscope July 2015

You have so much on your plate this month, it’s hard to find any downtime. With chatty Mercury in your 4th House of Home and Family until July 9, you’re ready to talk about personal issues rather than professional ones. The Sun in your 4th House until July 22 highlights domestic energy even further. The insecure Cancer New Moon on July 11 is a Solar Eclipse in your 4th House that indicates a significant shift of power within your family. You may long for more time away from your job, but obligations call you into action in the community or at work.

This month is rich with potential for personal progress on many fronts, yet overall success won’t come easily. In fact, you may get tantalizingly close to your goals, only to see them slip out of reach on July 23 as lucky Jupiter turns retrograde— just before it forms a dynamic square to relentless Pluto in your 10th House of Career on July 25. You remain highly motivated throughout the month, pushing for the top, yet satisfaction is elusive. Meanwhile, taskmaster Saturn enters socially graceful Libra on July 21, giving you diplomacy skills to stabilize business and personal relationships. The progressive Aquarius Full Moon on July 25 fills you with hope as it harmonizes with optimistic Jupiter. But conservative Saturn in your 7th House of Partners bumps into a tense opposition with unorthodox Uranus in your 1st House of Self on July 26. This conflict is activated by aggressive Mars on July 30–31, pitting your need for freedom against your responsibility to others. This pressure began building during the fall of 2008; now it’s time to push for resolution.

Aries July 2015 Key Dates

JULY 1–3
With your imagination humming, you’re able to bring even the subtlest ideas into form while communicator Mercury aligns with physical Mars. You can become discouraged when your actions fall short of your high ideals, but this is not enough reason to withdraw before you give it your best. Working smarter makes much more sense than working harder.

JULY 8–9
It’s hard to know what’s happening on July 8, when nebulous Neptune lures you into the dream world. Instead of perceiving others as they are, you’re projecting your fantasies on them as you peer into a magical metaphysical mirror. You may be shocked by what you learn about yourself when trickster Mercury enters proud Leo and harmonizes with surprising Uranus on July 9, breaking the looking glass—and your illusions.

JULY 11–13
Your irrepressibly buoyant attitude helps you maintain a positive spin on your life, even if the Solar Eclipse in self-protective Cancer on July 11 raises emotional insecurity. You have an opportunity now to experience the power and exquisite beauty of feelings that often remain hidden within your subconscious mind. Be prepared to journey to the bottom of the Sea of Shadows when compelling Venus harmoniously trines dark Pluto on July 13. You probably won’t be comfortable during this excursion, but you could return smiling from an unforgettable experience.

JULY 20–23
A long-lasting change of direction lies before you thanks to healing Chiron’s entry into humanitarian Aquarius on July 20, responsible Saturn’s entry into graceful Libra on July 21, and the Sun’s entry into dramatic Leo on July 22. It’s as if you struggled up a mountain, arrived at the peak, and now enjoy an unobstructed view of the future. Even though you feel the exhilaration of Aries’s primal pioneering spirit, you also realize the enormity of what lies ahead. You have more time than you realize, but procrastination is not a good idea. Decide where you want to go and move methodically toward your ultimate destination.


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