July Horoscope 2015 for Cancer

Cancer Monthly Horoscope July 2015

The pace of change does not slow this month. A Total Eclipse of the Sun in emotional Cancer on July 11 marks a major stage of transition in your life. Its effects may not be immediate, but its impact will be long lasting. This powerful event in your 1st House of Personality can drive you to deep self-examination and reveal unfinished emotional business. Yet no matter how private or painful these matters might be, it’s vital that you share your feelings with a helpful individual who can give you the objective perspective you need. Ending a relationship, altering your appearance, and establishing healthy new habits can result from this inner journey if your faith in the future is greater than the pain from the wounds of your past. Rebuilding your life from the ground up may be necessary with structuring Saturn returning to your 4th House of Roots on July 21. Its visit to this part of your chart from October 29, 2014, to April 7 sets the stage for big moves that can affect your home and family or strengthen you career.

The Full Moon in unconventional Aquarius falls into your 8th House of Intimacy on July 25, presenting you with wacky individuals or uncommon circumstances. Love could feel chilly as a sense of isolation separates you from others. This doesn’t signal a loss, though; the distance can help you view your relationships more objectively. Solid Saturn’s supportive trine to the Full Moon provides the clarity so crucial to intelligent decisions, while an intelligent sextile from innovative Uranus brings new life to a present connection or opens the door to a new one.

Cancer July 2015 Key Dates

JULY 3–5
You may find yourself slipping into self-pity and trusting unreliable authority figures when the Sun passes over the vulnerable Lunar South Node on July 3. The Sun’s soggy sesquisquare with Neptune on July 5 continues this hypersensitive theme. If you’re lost in a fog of fuzzy emotions, taking on a physical challenge will bring you back to reality.

JULY 17–19
You swing quickly from pessimism to optimism when mental Mercury bounces from a doubt-filled semisquare with somber Saturn on July 17 to energizing sesquisquares with inventive Uranus on July 18 and upbeat Jupiter on July 19. Sorting out contrasting data and conflicting conversations, though, isn’t an objective process, so let your intuition be your guide.

JULY 25–27
Conflict builds between your partnership and your professional responsibilities; a slow-moving square between Jupiter and Pluto on July 25 represents a change of perspective that has a major impact on alliances and ambitions now and when it reoccurs on August 3 and February 25, 2016. Relationships that don’t support your highest goals will hold you back, so you must renegotiate to overcome these restrictions. Risk is involved when you follow your professional ambitions, but standing still now is not a viable option. Saturn’s final opposition to Uranus on July 26—in a series that began on November 4, 2013—marks a breakthrough in which you find a way to balance the pressures of daily life with your search for higher meaning.

JULY 29–31
Spunky Mars enters your 4th House of Foundations on July 29, provoking major changes on the home front. His opposition to unruly Uranus on July 30 brings impatience and restlessness, undermining your sense of safety. Conflict is possible, yet a totally new vision of your future can give you the courage to explore uncharted territory. However, if Mars’s conjunction with sobering Saturn on July 31 slows you down, its purpose is not to kill your excitement, but to ground it with discipline to ensure your long-term success.


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