July Horoscope 2015 for Leo

Leo Monthly Horoscope July 2015

Don’t procrastinate—there’s no time to waste with the Sun and Mercury lingering in your 12th House of Endings at the beginning of the month. Have your story ready to tell on July 9 when chatty Mercury enters showy Leo, where it remains until July 29. Meanwhile, stylish Venus in Leo continues to bless you with sparkling charm and growing popularity. You can develop a better relationship with money, your possessions, and even your self-esteem when Venus moves into your 2nd House of Self-Worth on July 10. The New Moon Eclipse in moody Cancer on July 11 falls in your private 12th House, indicating that you may be keeping your plans to yourself until they are ready to hatch.

On July 21, strategic Saturn returns to creative-thinking Libra and your 3rd House of Communication, where it previously visited from October 29, 2014, through April 7. Reconsider ways to improve the efficiency of your interactions with others on both a business and a personal level. You take center stage as the Sun enters your sign on July 22, but be careful of overconfidence when pompous Jupiter squares powerful Pluto on July 25, the same day that the Full Moon in eccentric Aquarius falls in your 7th House of Partners. Leaving a little room for self-doubt and humility can make you more accessible to others and increase your chances for success. Meanwhile, the pressure of Saturn’s final opposition to surprising Uranus on July 26 activates your communication houses. You’ll dazzle everyone with your brilliance, as long as you don’t wait until the last minute to prepare.

Leo July 2015 Key Dates

JULY 1–3 
Sharing a dream can be the clearest way to express what you want when assertive Mars and intuitive Neptune hook up with talkative Mercury in your 12th House of Fantasy on July 1. Luckily, Mercury receives help from solid Saturn on July 3, enabling you to reinforce your ideas with skillfully presented facts.

JULY 8–11
You find your goals mixed up with your illusions when soft Venus opposes fantasyprone Neptune on July 8. You’re seeing others through Technicolor glasses now, so don’t make any long-term relationship or financial decisions yet. Wait until logical Mercury enters your sign and trines bright Uranus on July 9; sparks will light up your brain to reveal the truth. Then wait a bit longer until the Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 11 aligns with forceful Mars, empowering your emotions and giving you the ability to act decisively on your feelings.

A showy Leo Moon encourages you to play your hand out in the open, while an intense Venus-Pluto connection adds undeniable passion to everything you touch. Valuable Venus, now in efficient Virgo and your 2nd House of Resources, offers the prospect of financial success. However, her annoying quincunx to opulent Jupiter indicates that you could overestimate the reward . . . only to end up disappointed and discouraged. Wealth could be elusive.

JULY 22–23
Your energy level goes up a notch when the Sun begins its annual visit to your sign on July 22. Fortunately, a supportive sextile to persistent Saturn suggests that sound judgment and hard work will ensure good results from your current efforts to improve your life. The Sun’s superconductive trine to unpredictable Uranus on July 23 can suddenly shift the energy, bringing you quite a surprise. There’s no need to resist the changes; once the shock has worn off, you’ll quickly see the positive potential in the new situation.


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