July Horoscope 2015 for Pisces

Pisces Monthly Horoscope July 2015

Relationships roll into the foreground this month as two significant events trigger change in this very personal part of your life. On July 10 Venus, the planet of love, enters your 7th House of Partnerships, where she stays until August 6. You may have some adjustments to make and hard work to do with her in critical Virgo, yet managing the complex details of close connections will improve a current union or increase your chances for finding a new one. The New Moon in caring Cancer on July 11 is a Solar Eclipse that occurs in your 5th House of Romance, awakening desires to express your feelings and inspiring your creative instincts. The sensitivity of this sister water sign can put you on an emotional edge, provoking you to react quickly and powerfully to what others say and do. You can turn these tides in your favor by taking responsibility for your feelings and deepening your self-awareness, rather than blaming others.

Still, doubt may linger when Jupiter makes a tense square with dark Pluto on July 25, an aspect that repeats on August 3 and February 25, 2016. With your fears heightened, it’s easy to imagine losses, yet letting go of a belief or goal now will only make you stronger and able to climb higher later on. The progressive Aquarius Full Moon in your 12th House of Secrets can shake the tree of lost memories on July 25, alerting you to hidden motivations and freeing you to act more consciously. Saturn’s final opposition to Uranus on July 26 marks a major breakthrough toward tearing down barriers to intimacy or clearing the way for prosperity.

Pisces July 2015 Key Dates

Communications are clouded by fantasy, confusion, or sentimentality when mental Mercury trips on an awkward sesquisquare with Neptune. Don’t believe what you hear until you check out the story. Kind words, however, can patch up wounds if distorted facts lead you off track.

JULY 8–11
Romance may take a vacation from reality when Venus opposes phantasmagoric Neptune on July 8. Your desire to please another is admirable, but be careful not to make sacrifices that aren’t fairly rewarded. And you’ll need to come back down to earth on July 10, when Venus enters pragmatic Virgo. Her skittish quincunx with unpredictable Uranus could even make for a crash landing if you’re not ready. Fortunately, even if you go into emotional overload, a smart Mercury-Jupiter trine rides in with the Cancer New Moon Eclipse on July 11. Trust your intuition now. A healthy balance between head and heart gives you a very clear perspective on the situation and the ability to explain it convincingly.

JULY 20-21
Your will may wobble with the Sun’s quincunx to Neptune on July 20. If you lack the control or direction you desire, talk to a trustworthy individual. Strategic Saturn settles into diplomatic Libra and your 8th House of Deep Sharing on July 21, beginning a long-term process of strengthening alliances through mutual respect and a more open exchange of ideas.

JULY 29-31
You can usually expect graciousness from others when Mars enters gentlemanly Libra on July 29. However, even the well-intended individual could let you down when the warrior planet opposes uncooperative Uranus on July 30 and joins punishing Saturn on July 31. You may encounter erratic behavior and stiff resistance that can undermine your faith in someone. Still, if you have a good plan and maintain strict discipline in pursuit of an unconventional goal, you could earn yourself a surprising ally.


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