Leo August 2015 Forecast

Free Leo Horoscope August 2015

Your daily routines undergo significant stress this month, so it’s crucial to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program while also getting plenty of rest. Regenerative Pluto is making a long-term visit to your 6th House of Self-Improvement, but old habits must die before new ones are born. Optimistic Jupiter in your 9th House of Big Ideas squares Pluto on August 3. Your confidence is overinflated, and you may need to restrain your ambitions, especially if you’ve recently taken on too much work. It’s time to pay the piper on August 16, when expansive Jupiter’s opposition to restrictive Saturn reveals where you’ve overextended yourself or made promises you can’t keep. A cycle is completed on August 21, when Saturn in your 3rd House of Communication squares Pluto. The limitations you began to confront at the previous occurrences of this dynamic transit—on November 15, 2014, and January 31—now challenge you to overcome whatever still stands in your way. Unfortunately, brute force won’t work. You could exhaust yourself winning every battle while still losing the war. Decide what you can eliminate now to assure your overall success.

The ego-driven Leo New Moon on August 9 reveals the differences between who you are and how you want to be seen. Don’t judge yourself harshly; just improve yourself however you can. On August 20, Mercury begins its retrograde phase in your 2nd House of Self- Worth, turning your thoughts inward as you question your worth and reconsider your financial choices. The empathic Pisces Full Moon on August 24 falls in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, encouraging you to involve others in your ongoing process of transformation.

Leo August 2015 Key Dates

You’re challenged to maintain a realistic perspective on August 3, when lavish Jupiter and impassioned Pluto cross paths, as they did on July 25, emboldening you to pursue your goals without considering the needs of others. You may feel an additional boost of energy as audacious Mars drives you even harder on August 4. If you’re unaware of your impact on others, you may be puzzled when they lash back. Consciously moderating your intensity can solve problems before they occur.

Although personable Venus is at home in graceful Libra, she isn’t very agreeable now when aligning with wacky Uranus, solemn Saturn, bombastic Jupiter, and ruthless Pluto. You might be convinced that indulging yourself will bring happiness, only to discover that satisfaction is elusive. You could become obsessive on the days prior to the Leo New Moon on August 9. Extreme behavior precipitates intense emotional reactions when sensual Venus squares Pluto on August 10. You can’t escape the consequences of your actions if you think you’re entitled to something you are not.

AUGUST 13–16
Lightning-like Uranus retrogrades back into sympathetic Pisces and your 8th House of Intimacy on August 13 to give you a remedial course in learning to share with others. This transit lasts until March 11, 2016, but emotional breakthroughs in relationships could start right away. However, it may take a while to integrate your new perspective and to communicate it to others, because cautious Saturn in your 3rd House of Information opposes joyful Jupiter on August 16.

AUGUST 24–26
The Pisces Full Moon on August 24 is a turning point for you—and the culmination of a month of intense pressure to change the ways you communicate with others. Although you will continue to process recent events, the Sun’s anxious quincunx to far-reaching Jupiter requires you to look ahead, even if that makes you uncomfortable. Fortunately, the Sun’s harmonious trine to transformative Pluto on August 26 helps you let go of the past and bravely move on.


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