Libra June Weekly Horoscope 01-07, 2015

Libra 01-07 June Weekly Family Horoscope

Much may be asked and/or expected of you this week and the things laid at your doorstep include being the family nurse, taxi driver, councilor, advocate, referee and chief cook and bottle washer. House, pet or baby sitting duties may also be brought to you, especially near the 1st, 3rd, and 5th. Spending appears to go on the rise sharply the 5th to 7th as if some 'big family event,' was tapping the budget. This may be a 'once in a lifetime,' situation and you'll be tempted to enhance all the 'fringe/trimming' extras.

Libra 01-07 June Weekly Love Horoscope

Romance may require more negotiation and effort this week than is normal for you. Find that 'middle ground,' and CLING to it. Capricorn, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and Sagittarius relationships may need a bit more 'investing' and tolerance than those of other signs.

Libra 01-07 June Weekly Friendship Horoscope

Time to 'call in favors,' especially near the 2nd and 4th when time may become a premium. Rather than 'spend,' it may be wise to borrow, farm out or delegate out for favors in some cases. Having it 'ideal,' is one thing but doing it 'all' and 'within,' reason is ideal too!

Libra 01-07 June Weekly Career Horoscope

Your mantra this week may have to be 'pace, balance and moderation.' What you are unable to accomplish the 1st may wash into the 2nd and be 'cleared up nicely,' only to find the 3rd has more excess and less cooperation than did the 1st AND 2nd. A 'scramble' of some kind may have to fill the 4th and wash over into the 5th. Be very, very tactful around power people the 5th. Some signs are prone to foolish mistakes, unreasonable actions and poor management. You are 'in a sea of...,' alone the 5th.


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