Pisces 18th-24th May Weekly Horoscope 2015

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope 18th May 2015:

Trying to please those you love is an OLD 'number one game,' for you. You always 'aim' for the ideal, the best and the most expressive. But we ALL have to 'cut back,' in this sagging economy and 'the thought that counts,' may have to do in some situations. Trim back spending only after 'honest and tactful discussion' near the 19th to 21st. Spending to impress or 'buy love,' is strictly VERBOTEN this week: single OR paired.

Pisces Weekly Friendship Horoscope 18th May 2015:

Some signs are prone to two very unseemly energies this week: unscrupulous behavior and jumping to conclusions, most likely based on bogus info, by either doing them or being the target of them. Make sure you know who, what and why FISRT before you 'back' or save a friend, especially in your career life.

Pisces Weekly Career Horoscope 18th May 2015:

You know that point in a movie where the 'bad guy' is 'flushed out,' and everyone just stands there looking at him as he looks around for someone to bail him out, lie for him or rescue him and everyone just has that, "You did it, you live with the consequences," look on their face? You may be witness to a real life movie just like that one this week. DO NOT step foreword and make sure if you see it coming, that you do not involve yourself in any way. Avoid water cooler gossips too. You have some very good days 'mid retrograde,' with the 18/19th and 21st being the best of them; keep them that way.

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