Pisces August Forecast 2015

Free Pisces Horoscope August 2015

You’ve got more than your share of unfinished business this month, Pisces, as you revise both relationships and long-range plans. Hopeful Jupiter and pessimistic Saturn oppose each other and make harsh squares to transformational Pluto that can reshape your vision of the world. With Jupiter’s square to Pluto on August 3, you continue the soulful investigation of your life’s purpose and meaning that you began late last month. The full impact of this research is likely to be evident upon the two planets’ final square on February 25, 2016. Still, you should get some resolution on August 21, when Saturn and Pluto complete their three squares that previously occurred on November 15, 2014, and January 31.
This tough aspect between the toughest planets emphasizes the need to let go of what costs too much and commit to pursuing what you can’t live without. The second strategic Jupiter-Saturn opposition on August 16 will either anchor the decisions you made during their first aspect on May 23 or force a course correction before their final standoff on March 28, 2016, locks you on target.

Nonconformist Uranus returns to Pisces from August 13 until March 11, 2016, offering you another chance to shake off the past and invent an exciting new version of yourself. Intellectual Mercury’s retrograde in your 7th House of Others from August 20 until September 12 is a signal to review recent communications to make sure that you’re on the right track, and to tighten up technical issues that inhibit collaboration. The bold Leo New Moon on August 9 in your 6th House of Work and Service spurs a burst of creativity on the job; a Full Moon in mystical Pisces on August 24 empowers your intuition and increases your personal magnetism.

Pisces August 2015 Key Dates

You may feel more comfortable going solo than depending on others as relational Venus runs a gauntlet of challenges in your 8th House of Intimacy. A sense of rejection and self-doubt may emerge on August 8 with her conjunction to harsh Saturn. If someone is unkind or selfish, it’s your responsibility to be specific about your expectations. Conversely, Venus opposes extravagant Jupiter on August 9, attracting more generous responses, yet raising your hopes unreasonably and blurring your good judgment. While this is a heart-opening aspect that should bring joy, mysterious Pluto’s square with Venus on August 10 is a time to be serious. It’s true that your passion may be intense and your desires deep, but the consequences of engaging them are considerable.

AUGUST 18–20
Avoid chasing illusions and romantic fairy tales when active Mars slips on a sesquisquare with spacey Neptune on August 18 and Venus makes the same aspect the following day. Although these transits may inspire you with moments of runaway delight, this bliss is unlikely to last for more than a few days. The Sun’s opposition to Neptune on August 20 continues this dreamy theme in what you see or hear, but the magic is unlikely to be real.

AUGUST 23–24
The Sun’s enters orderly Virgo and your 7th House of Others on August 23, attracting new partners or empowering you in current relationships during the coming month. However, the finely tuned perceptions that make this possible may be skewed by a Sun-Jupiter quincunx on August 24 that can make people seem more valuable than they actually are. It could be worthwhile to stretch yourself and explain your ideas to someone who doesn’t quite get them. But if you have to bend your principles to make your point, wisdom suggests backing off for now.


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