Pisces Weekly Horoscope 11th-17th May 2015

Pisces Weekly Family Horoscope 11th May 2015:

Your ESP is in high gear the 11/12th and to save time, money and grief, it would be wise to follow it both quickly AND 'to the letter.' An emotional issue may surface near the 16/17th that is linked in some way to 'an old issue or problem,' and it may involve or relate to money, behavior, later Feb into early March, Taurus, Aries, Leo or Libra members. A 'judgment call,' the 17th or a 'decision' may need postponing.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope 11th May 2015:

Romance is good most of the week until we hit the 17th, which appears to hold some kind of emotional or logistic decision that you are too 'much on the inside looking in,' to see clearly. Even the strong ESP trend early in the week will have faded by then. Use caution if dealing with Taurus, Aries, Leo, Aquarius or other Fish. Stalling may be wisest at this point.

Pisces Weekly Friendship Horoscope 11th May 2015:

A good friend may see things more clearly this week and you do, especially about issues that may 'hit' near or from the 17th. Listen to well balanced Taurus, Libra, Virgo or Gemini if they 'see things' you do not. Single Fish may find a hot romantic connection near the 11/12th or the mid to later hours of the 15th.

Pisces Weekly Career Horoscope 11th May 2015:

You may be 'sent out' or asked to travel this week, especially the 11th to 13th. Word from afar is VERY good and invitations to speak or display may come in the 12th. Those in government, manufacturing, self-employment, commission, medical, food or transportation industries may do very well this week. Expansion, or news of it, is likely near both the 12th and 15th.

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