Scorpio 08 June 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Family Horoscope

Cooperation is slim this week, especially near the 11th to 14th, making it wise to get as much paced into the 8th to 10th as you can. Run errands, delegate out duty and structure a schedule/plan into place by getting your 'needs, requests or demands,' in early, especially with youth, in laws, Aquarius, Cancer, Sagittarius, Gemini or Leo.

Scorpio 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Love Horoscope

Romance is rather 'questionable' this week for several Stingers, especially the ones 'single and looking' since 'hook ups' are totally unreliable this week, especially those near the 9th to 11th. Results may vary but the pivotal connection to them all appears to be likelihood of 'high maintenance.' Are you 'up to that?'

Scorpio 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Friendship Horoscope

Friends can be most helpful this week if you call upon them BUT be aware there is a high probability that there will be those who will seek you out to 'listen,' to a story of woe or ask for you support or direction, especially near the 9th to 11th. Do NOT get 'between two friends.'

Scorpio 8-14 June 2015 Weekly Career Horoscope

Promising trends early in the week may allow you to accomplish a great deal and even 'lock down,' some recent 'slippery' details, especially the 9th. Get as much as you can done by the evening of the 10th since the 11/12th appear most uncooperative and you may even be 'called on the carpet' for some reason the 13th having nothing to do with you. Bosses and power people are VERY demanding as well.


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