Scorpio August 2015 Forecast

Free Scorpio Horoscope August 2015

You may be feeling as if every month is a time for making major decisions, but it’s that kind of year—and this, alas, is that kind of month. Pluto, your co-ruling planet, is the focal point of a major alignment between career-shaping Jupiter and Saturn, leading to inner shifts that affect long-term events. Until August 3, opportunistic Jupiter’s square to defiant Pluto can create discomfort on the job, underscoring your need to decide if you’re in the right place. A conflict between your need for cash and your core values is unlikely to be resolved immediately, yet your options—or lack thereof—should become clearer when Jupiter opposes Saturn on August 16. Saturn makes a last squeezing square to Pluto on August 21, which can push you to your limits. Don’t rush to judgment, though; Jupiter will square Pluto one more time on February 25, 2016, and oppose Saturn on March 28, 2016, to complete this transformational process.

Professional issues are thrust into the foreground with the New Moon in flashy Leo on August 9, in your 10th House of Career. Bold thinking whets your appetite for more creative work, yet you must carefully consider the consequences before taking on additional responsibilities. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your 11th House of Friends and Associates on August 20, when faulty communication can reduce the reliability of even your staunchest allies. Doubling back to shore up your support network leaves you less time to launch new projects during the next three weeks. On August 24, the Full Moon in magical Pisces strews rose petals in your 5th House of Romance, awakening you to the beauty around you and your capacity to bring more love into the world.

Scorpio August 2015 Key Dates

Relationships turn rocky as you’re blindsided by demands that seem to come out of the blue. Sweet Venus opposes Jupiter on August 9—the same day as the bighearted Leo New Moon—increasing your appetite for pleasure and the urge to spend. Lovable Venus squares extreme Pluto on August 10, which can push satisfaction out of reach. An all-or-nothing approach makes compromise impossible and can damage trust. Address personal issues privately and with compassion.

AUGUST 17–18
Alliances may still be shaky as Venus and Mars square the Moon’s Nodes, which are karmic points of connection. Dance delicately around edgy folks if you want to keep the peace. Bending a bit is wisdom, not weakness, as long as you don’t give in on matters of principle.

Today is rich with imagination. An opposition between the brilliant Sun and pliable Neptune can attract people who are all flash and little substance. A sweet conjunction between lovely Venus and passionate Mars, the perfect planetary couple, colors the atmosphere with enough charm to allow fakers to sell their wares. Mercury’s reversal, too, makes misinformation more common. It’s a wonderful time to escape reality with your favorite forms of fantasy, but a challenging one for keeping it real.

A superconductive Sun-Pluto trine gives you a strong dose of purpose to help you get your way. You don’t have to be pushy to achieve your aims, because the power of Pluto is in its precision, not its brute force. Even if you’ve tried and failed to make an impression in the past, this is an excellent time to express your desires once more. If resources have been lacking for a material project or if you’ve lost love in a personal quest, you can dig deeply inside, find what you need to get things moving, and convince others to support your dreams.


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