Scorpio June Weekly Horoscope 01-07, 2015

Scorpio 01-07 June Weekly Family Horoscope

Soft peddle an issue the 1st or risk it complicating up on you as soon as the 4/5th. Clear the clutter out of your life the 3/4th or risk a mistake or a 'pile up,' of some kind as soon as the 3/4th itself, the 6th or as far out as early July. Trim any 'fluff,' from your budget, cut back even on some of the necessary spending by limiting 'amounts,' and try to find 'creative solutions' to spending concerning the demands of the 5th to 7th, which may be some kind of trip or family event.

Scorpio 01-07 June Weekly Love Horoscope

Romance may demand your full attention near the 3rd to 5th, especially where paired to Aries, Capricorn, other Scorpios, Taurus or Gemini. A long talk may be required to 'set boundaries,' or to 'explain,' a situation before 'taking it out of context,' become a problem as soon as the 5th or near the 7th and/or 12th, especially over recently 'unresolved issues.' Single Stingers may get lucky near the 3/4th during the evenings and all day the 5th but 'look at the bottom line,' investment before proceeding.

Scorpio 01-07 June Weekly Friendship Horoscope

Friends may try to give you a 'heads up,' on something this week and it could be one of those 'flies right over your head' situations where you realize later WHAT they were trying to say and you wished they would have tried harder or gotten confirmation. Let your best pals 'know,' you may need something 'made more clear.'

Scorpio 01-07 June Weekly Career Horoscope

Diligence may pay off early in the week if you spend a lot of time in set up or 'structuring,' a project that may see the 'tumblers' click into place as soon as the 2nd or 4th or as far out as early July. A piece of useful info or a call from a 'hot connection' is either or both likely near the 2nd to 4th, especially on the 3rd. Streamline your office and work space and 'clear cutter' to avoid making mistakes.

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