Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 11th-17th May 2015

Scorpio Weekly Family Horoscope 11th May 2015:

This week you need to get as much done as you can because next week is very demanding upon you personally and it starts the later hours of the 16th through to the 25th. A quiet talk near the 12th gives you insight to 'the right thing to do,' and where to place your efforts. Be supportive but conservative near the 14/15th. Use GREAT tact with family in-law issues near the 16/17th, especially if money discussions and/or big or milestone events are going on.

Scorpio Weekly Career Horoscope 11th May 2015:

Lock down as much as you can by the close of the business day the 12th. Wrap up any loose end from or on the 13th quickly as well, especially any long distance or foreign ties. Big money may be discussed and amounts may be staggeringly LARGE. Don't get excited, remain calm and professional and let them think you handle this sort of thing ALL the time. Call back quickly the 14/15th as it is your best 'networking day,' but sags in cooperation unless you push and 'are on top of it,' with just the right 'clout.' No ten pound hammer for a 1 inch nail!

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope 11th May 2015:

Romance may begin to show a bit of a 'strain' this week for some Stingers, especially if paired to Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or Aquarius. Be patient and tolerant and avoid money discussions BIG TIME. Single Stingers get very lucky near both the 12th and again the 15th.

Scorpio Weekly Friendship Horoscope 11th May 2015:

Friends who approach with their 'hand out,' for both time AND/OR money, are not friends this week if you have already informed them 'of your own' issues or problems. Anyone who 'disrespects' your time or painful situation is NOT a friend. Those who support and are compassionate get BIG promotions in your heart/mind.

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