Virgo August 2015 Forecast

Free Virgo Horoscope August 2015

This transitional month finds you looking back over the past to decide where to reinvest your energy in old projects and relationships, and where you must bid a fond farewell and move on. With the Sun in your 12th House of Endings until August 23, it’s a great time to clean out your emotional and physical closets. Retreating from the world creates a quiet space in which you reaffirm your connection with faith, nature, and the divine to fuel your imagination and turn dreams into reality. Wise Jupiter’s square to transformational Pluto on August 3 also exposes the cost of desire, helping you decide where to hang on and where to let go. The Leo New Moon on August 9 plants seeds of creative magic in your spiritual 12th House, encouraging boldness and boosting your confidence.

You may see advances delayed in August while your ruling planet, Mercury, slows down prior to turning retrograde in your sign on August 20. You may have to redo recent tasks during the subsequent three weeks, so operate with caution to eliminate errors and reduce redundancy. Retrograde Jupiter’s opposition to oppressive Saturn on August 16 is another yellow flag, especially in personal and business partnerships. Don’t be pushed into premature commitments. The incredibly heavy square of Saturn and Pluto returns for the final time on August 21, locking in major decisions for a long-term run. If you have any doubts, just say no. Besides, the intuitive Pisces Full Moon on August 24 in your 7th House of Relationships brings revelations about a person close to you and may even open the door to meeting someone new.

Virgo August 2015 Key Dates

Practicing diplomacy is essential now while self-righteous Jupiter squares off with powerful Pluto on the 3rd and militant Mars struggles with both Jupiter and Pluto on the 4th. Although it can be difficult to make compromises under such pressurepacked circumstances, keeping your cool is key to avoiding conflict at work. Selfdiscipline and a well-designed plan can empower you to promote your interests, so do your homework before trying to establish a strategic alliance with an influential person.

Overconfidence—whether your own or someone else’s—is a warning sign on August 20 as the authoritative Sun opposes delusional Neptune. A sexy Venus- Mars conjunction adds to your desire to have fun, even if it means falling for fairy tales. Your brain may be going on vacation since Mercury is currently standing still just before turning retrograde—perfect conditions for play and romance, but very risky for making commitments. As long as you don’t engage in serious business, you can have a great time without facing the consequences.

The Sun enters your sign, kicking you into a higher gear energetically and offering you greater willingness to express yourself. It’s wise, though, to apply this increase in confidence to personal matters, where your ability to address your own needs and work with others one-to-one really matters. Complex systems, like those at work, can’t be charmed or easily conquered. Mercury is retrograde in your sign, so tighten up your own game before tackling any major challenges. Taking small steps to improve your health and vitality, as well as your self-image, is a wise investment now.


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