Virgo June Weekly Horoscope 01-07, 2015

Virgo 01-07 June Weekly Family Horoscope

Duty may seem to just 'tower over you' this week as you chase down details, knock mundane tasks off like dominos and chase your tail all over town and back. The 'load,' can become more obvious by the 3/4th and the cooperation rate from members sags as they 'pile on more,' in some cases. By the 5th the routine may be 'grinding on you,' so bad, it's time to 'take them to task,' with a family meeting. Remain calm and place the duty where it belongs. Virgos who miss this one will have a lucky week.

Virgo 01-07 June Weekly Career Horoscope

Being assigned a great deal this week IS likely but the good news is that if you manage to stagger to the finish line, even under the load, you may enhance your reputation or 'status,' so greatly that a pay off near as soon as the 3rd, 26th or as far out as later Aug into Sept may leave you 'sitting pretty.' Expansion of territory is likely for some Virgos this week, especially those in the food, service, travel, manufacturing, communications or publishing industries.

Virgo 01-07 June Weekly Love Horoscope

Romance may only SEEM to fail you slightly this week and it could be because you are failing to take action yourself by communicating the right message. If you have a need, ASK. If you have a problem, discuss and if you hit either of these, organize your thoughts, keep your vocal tones tender and use common sense when you open a dialogue. Taking a chance, issuing ultimatums or 'rolling the dice of love,' is strictly forbidden this week, especially near the 5th.

Virgo 01-07 June Weekly Friendship Horoscope

Do NOT allow friends to 'goat' you into taking foolish chances with your job or love life, especially well meaning pals like Capricorn, Aries, Gemini or Leo. Even if they don't 'say a word,' is possible that their accomplishments can maneuver you into action, especially through envy or jealousy.


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