Weekly Horoscope for Gemini May 25th 2015

Gemini Family Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

You show a very busy and active week with hiked spending possible but a great deal of 'good returns,' on efforts made and monies spent, especially near the 25th, 27th and 31st. Entertaining may be required and 'surprises' are likely. Family gatherings may be pivotal around 'big events' or celebrations. News of births and engagements is also likely. Problems of 'late' lift and solve 'almost on their own,' near the 30/31st.

Gemini Love Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

Romance does well also this week, especially for single Twins looking to upgrade or find new candidates. Day time encounters may fly best with the 27/28th your 'best luck days' followed closely by the day time hours of the 25th and 29th and the AM of the 31st.

Gemini Friendship Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

New friends are also likely this week with career help and networking heading the list and 'love enhancement' rounding it out in a close second place, especially with the help of pals like Libra, Aries, Cancer, Aquarius, other Gemini and Leo. New matches formed now or from those entering now have 'long range potential.' Any fences mended THIS week may stand like stone walls into the future.

Gemini Career Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

Good to excellent trends early in the week make it possible for you to dodge the last days of the Mercury retrograde and turn even 'failure' into success. Making powerful connections is likely, even at odd times or while 'off site' on lunch or social excursions. A 'big change' of some kind is possible the 26th to 28th and make shake some of the 'chaff' off of recent problems.


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