Weekly Horoscope for Taurus May 25th 2015

Taurus Family Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

Some of your more recent problems may almost 'magically' start to resolve themselves near the 26/27th, especially with children, behavior or social involvements and near the 29th to 31st with money, excess spending and 'too much need vs. income.' Invitations 'as a group/family' are likely to come in or surface as a 'need to now spend,' with weddings, parties and gifting heading the list.

Taurus Love Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

Romance does well this week if you are willing to BOTH 'listen,' and 'discuss' with an open mind, especially near the communication demands of the 25/26th and the 'offers of resolution' near the 30/31st. Single Bulls may find 'old loves' returning and while this can be things like friends or hobbies, it may also be an actual 'love interest in some form.'

Taurus Friendship Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

Networking pals may open huge doors of opportunity this week for you by either 'referring you or referring to you,' in discussions with heavy-hitting contacts. Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius contacts head the list and huge profits along with long range potential are likely outcomes. Those Bulls who DO hit this one, will be pleased, indeed.

Taurus Career Horoscope May 25th-31th 2015

Having favors 'bestowed upon you,' is very likely this week as 'talk' is NOT 'cheap' but very productive. Give important or power people a reason to discuss you by 'thoughtful reminders,' like calling, emailing pleasantries, gifting, lunching or bestowing examples of your abilities upon them, but with tact. Handing out 'samples' appears to really pay off this week.


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