13-19 July 2015 Weekly Horoscope for Virgo

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Family 13-19 July 2015:

The 'practical needs' may mount this week to a rather stunning 'high' and shelling out money to solve, serve and placate is likely, especially near the 14th to 17th. Travel, vacation or vehicle repair or purchase can take another hefty bit near the 13th or 17/18th. Your judgment may be clouded near an issue of the 15th. Make sure you have all 'the facts.' Your psychology may also be a bit 'askew' near the 18th unless you use patience to 'wait for all the info and time to reveal all the facts.'

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Love 13-19 July 2015:

Romance definitely has two sides to the blade this week. It can cut through the loneliness for some of you and bring you closer to a 'life altering' solution or place you in a position to 'open mouth, insert foot,' and END your current 'happy status.' A lot appears to hinge on your ability to judge correctly. Singles find hot connections near the 15th to 17th while paired Virgos could 'sink their ship with their tongue,' near mid day the 15th or early on the 18th.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Friendship 13-19 July 2015:

Your stars place you second from the top on the list for 'new friends' this week and it appears they serve in all areas of your life, especially good career connections and help with income or money issues with Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini and other Virgos your 'best bet.'

Virgo Weekly Horoscope Career 13-19 July 2015:

Small disagreements are a threat near the 14/15th, especially with power people or jealous coworkers. Some of you may hit on 'both' at times. Avoid any form of 'competitive behavior' in others or yourself along with too much 'water cooler gossip,' or being perceived as part of any 'unhappy group,' of people. Your judgment is not the best near the 15th to 17th and it will take effort and 'multi dimensional thinking,' to avoid being 'manipulated' into a bad light, even by a person not intending to do so. Answer all calls quickly the 16/17th.


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