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Aries in 2016

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Hold on to your hat, Aries! This is a whirlwind year and very possibly the one you’ve been anticipating for a long time. Your pioneering personality sparkles with enthusiasm when presented with new experiences—and fortunately, the most significant planetary patterns of 2015 have excitement written all over them. Worldly Jupiter and unpredictable Uranus enter your sign and can turn your life upside down in shocking ways. Jupiter’s every-twelve-year return to your sign marks the beginning of a new opportunity cycle, so make sure to aim yourself consciously in a direction you want to travel. You’ll feel the expansive effect of this giant planet on June 6–September 9 and then again on January 22– June 4, 2016. Doors that were formerly closed will now open with ease, inviting you to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Uranus takes eighty-four years to orbit the zodiac, so its last visit to rambunctious Aries was from 1927 to 1934. No part of your world will be left untouched as Uranus moves through your sign from 2015 until 2022, releasing buried tensions and freeing you from the obstacles that kept you from fulfilling your dreams. This planet’s erratic energy could offer you the ride of your life. Yet there’s more going on here than just a wild and crazy time. Comfortable routines are radically disturbed as lightning crackles and brightens up your life. You are jolted awake fromyour cozy sleep and, hard as youmay try, cannot return to your old way of life. You receive a double whammy from giant planets Jupiter and Uranus announcing their joint presence in impulsive Aries within a few days of each other—Uranus on May 27 and Jupiter on June 6. The impetus for a sudden, positive shift of direction will be the strongest when they conjoin on June 8, September 18, and again on January 4, 2016.

The ongoing theme of radical change is further emphasized by the continuing opposition of restrictive Saturn to revolutionary Uranus that began in late 2013. This powerful aspect is exact on April 26, forcing you to once again confront the negative habits that prevent you from engaging your world without excess emotional or material baggage. If you can push up against the resistance with integrity, a sudden breakthrough should increase your stability rather than simply ushering in chaos and stress. The opposition is exact again on July 26, just a few days after Saturn reenters reflective Libra.

These Saturn-Uranus oppositions created an underlying instability throughout 2014, but this final occurrence is in different houses from the previous ones, falling across your relationship axis of the 1st House of Self and the 7th House of Others. This turns last year’s inner adjustments into visible changes. Recent decisions will require a final confirmation as you step boldly into a new way of expressing yourself at work and in love. You have prepared and waited long enough, Aries. It’s time to shift gears and move confidently into the new territory that until this moment has remained just beyond your horizon.

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