Cancer 22-28 June 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Cancer 22th June '15 Weekly Family Horoscope:

A BIG problem may dent your finances AND your patience near the 22nd but it appears to 'clear up' fast, but not without some serious elbow grease, negotiating and/or spending! Emotions run high until the 24th. Cow-towing to parents or elders may be necessary near the 25/26th to 'appease them' or let them have their way, especially in 'planning' and event subjects. Big parties, reunions, gatherings and 'holiday plans,' for the summer or as far out as Christmas may be discussed.

Cancer 22th June '15 Weekly Love Horoscope:

Births, parties, reunions, picnics and weddings may have you out a lot socially at this time and meeting a 'serious relationship' is statistically very high this week, especially near the 23rd to 26th and again the 28th and 'get this,' you do NOT have to be single and unattached to catch this one. It's 'crunch time:' time to assess even your oldest and more established relationship status. Don't step over that line if you really don't WANT to.

Cancer 22th June '15 Weekly Friendship Horoscope:

Friends may extend invitations that have you at family events evenings and the weekend and even during the day at last minute lunch or impromptu gatherings near the evening of the 22nd through the 30th. Expanding your circle of networking, influence AND romantic possibilities are any/all likely.

Cancer 22th June '15 Weekly Career Horoscope:

Huge career opportunities are not only possible this week, they appear likely, especially near the events or announcements of the 23/24th and the 'group meetings' or presence of power people the 25/26th. Use GREAT tact and 'dress the part,' the 26th. Return calls and emails FAST all week and 'follow red tape channels' big time. Be very, VERY careful upon whose toes you step.


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