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Cancer in 2016

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The wheels of change are making a major turn this year that could reshape your life in significant ways. When serious Saturn reenters creative Libra on July 21, four slow-moving outer planets will be in initiating cardinal signs, challenging your cautious Cancer Sun. Expansive Jupiter and progressive Uranus form tense squares from impatient Aries, provoking you to risk safety in the pursuit of a revolutionary social cause or a radical change in your professional life. However, restrictive Saturn also squares your Sun, reflecting restraint or indecision based on your desire to keep peace on the home front and maintain friendly connections with your past. The push–pull of these contrasting patterns can lead to a year of intermittent advances, stops, and starts that can swing you from confidence and bold action to self-doubt and indecision. The fourth member of this potent planetary posse, transformational Pluto, continues the pressure that began in 2013, altering the very basics of your relationships. This rare alignment of outer planets appears to present more obstacles than usual. Or you could view these challenges as opportunities to turn a quiet life of survival into an exciting one of discovery and creation.

Fortunately, benevolent Jupiter will be treating you gently in the first half of the year as it transits Pisces, a water sign that works harmoniously with your sensitive Cancer Sun. The giant planet’s transit through your 9th House of Big Ideas broadens your horizons through travel, education, and a more philosophical view of your life purpose. This inspiration sets the stage for the level of commitment you’ll need to produce significant change in the second half of the year. Allow yourself to dream big. Only by seeding the field of possibility with high hopes can you match the potential for growth coming your way.

Relationships could play a critical role in your life this year with two eclipses in your 7th House of Companions. A Solar Eclipse in realistic Capricorn on January 15 is joined by loving Venus, which calls for setting clear goals and expectations to achieve a higher level of satisfaction with others. Unpredictable Uranus makes a supportive sextile to the triple conjunction of the Sun, Moon, and Venus during the eclipse, surprising you with ways to bring excitement to a present union or find a fresh path to a new one. Pluto joins in on a June 26 Lunar Eclipse in this house, challenging you to renegotiate with partners who take more than they give. Although you may have to deal with unpleasant control issues, you have much to gain by being vulnerable yet strong. You will grow more powerful in your connections with others, both personally and professionally. Your awareness of what you desire and how to get it sharpens, enabling you to be more honest and open without fear of being ridiculed or rejected.

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