Cancer Weekly Horoscope 06-12 July 2015

Cancer Weekly Horoscope Family 6-12 July 2015:

Personal fatigue, minor injury, flair ups of old problems and/or heart breaking news can dampen your 6th to 8th big time under your 'second worst full moon all year.' Embrace the love and support you DO get and be willing to let those who have 'failed you,' in any way 'slide' for a while. Sentiment appears to deepen big time the 8th to 10th and 'whom you value' may change dramatically. Siblings, in-laws and parents may 'step up to the plate' big time. Fun gatherings the 11/12th make up for a duty filled, fatiguing week.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope Love 6-12 July 2015:

Romance may be difficult to maneuver though early in the week when a partners' short comings can 'get in the way,' and 'take down,' the heights of your 'sexual snap,' a bit. Be forgiving and work to 'put the magic back.' Single Crabs may be surprised by the ease they have near the daytime hours of the 6th and 9th and all days the 10th to 12th.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope Friendship 6-12 July 2015:

Friends may really surprise you with their thoughtfulness, their support and how much they are 'thinking of you,' when you don't realize they are. Coming to the rescue early in the week are Capricorn, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius and Aries and later in the week Pisces, Cancer, Gemini and Virgo.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope Career 6-12 July 2015:

While you may be 'held back,' slightly by something from personal illness to poor cooperation, you do accomplish 'a few small things,' the 6th to 8th but it is the rest of the 8th and the power house of the 9th that really tie things down for you nicely. Power people are on your side, you get the nod on big deals, loans and cooperation and you are likely to 'wrap up,' and 'nail down,' things in flux for weeks, months or even years the 9/10th.


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