Capricorn 29 June 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Family Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Cooperation is NOT good the 29/30th but you do appear cheerfully willing to 'fill in the gaps' where needed. Spending goes on the rise near the 1/2nd but may be fore necessities, especially for youth or in-laws. Gift giving may require extra spending as will traveling to functions, even if they are enjoyable. You may be the target of 'harsh or unfair' comments near the 3rd to 5th but you must not react at the time. It may be wiser to pass and discuss it the 6/7th when they are more 'contrite.'

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Romance does well near the 30th and gain the 2nd. Single Sea Goats may find hot connections the 1st and again the 2nd with TWO candidates to choose from. Paired Caps may find old loves or temptation crossing their minds/paths. Invitations to travel or tryst are likely as are invitations to upgrade commitment.

Capricorn Weekly Friendship Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Real friends may make themselves aware this week by the compassionate 'volunteering' they do, especially near the needs of the 29th, 2nd and 4th. Stepping in to assist, they can strengthen bonds already well in place. "I've got your back," is a wonderful line to hear this week: professionally or emotionally.

Capricorn Weekly Career Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Co ventures of the past may start to bear fruit this week and show good progress as 'next phase/stage' situations grow more expansive and cooperative as they pick up momentum the 30th to 2nd. Avoid ANY personalities in conflict this week and stay OUT from between them as well as 'not rendering an opinion' much less 'take a side,' especially near the 2/3rd.


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