Gemini 29 June 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Weekly Family Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

You appear to put a great deal into the 29th and may have to make some kind of 'big decision' the 30th that could require 'high spending,' or investing into a member, especially a youth who is educating or pursuing 'the arts' in any way. Having it 'ideal' may be too costly in time, effort or money near the 1/2nd. Settle for 'enjoyable or enough' and be done with it. Quarrels and squabbles are likely the 4th. Keep members calm and focused on 'the event or purpose at hand.'

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Romance may seem 'ideal and successful' near the 29th to 1st and then turn sharply with an 'emotional twist' the 2nd to 4th and lead to quarrels or spats the later hours of the 3rd into the 4th. Be cautious of 'impulsive and outspoken' comments that you can not 'take back' later; IF you don't mean it, do NOT say it.

Gemini Weekly Friendship Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Find a good friend if and when you sense any 'culminating' or 'impulsive energy' that needs expressing before you 'take it to the source.' It could be you just need to blow off steam, lest you blow AT the wrong source; lover OR boss, this week.

Gemini Weekly Career Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

You could END your current career or seriously damage it this week if you engage in any sort of venting or expressing that has not been thought through and investigated completely, especially near the more 'sarcastic' trends of the 1st and the impulsive and outspoken ones of the 3rd into 4th. While this one may sink your personal or romantic ship, you do NOT need it to 'deep six' your career.


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