Libra 15-21 June 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Libra 15th June 2015 Weekly Family Horoscope:

Get as much done the 15/16th as you can since you may slip into a personal fatigue, minor illness/injury or larger scale distraction the 17th to 19th that dents your ability to keep a schedule, much less 'get a leg up,' on needs enough to be accomplished. You appear to be playing 'catch up,' for some reason the 19/20th just in time for an enjoyable 21st. Spending goes on the rise the 19th for 'needs' and the 21st for fun, entertaining, travel or gifting.

Libra 15th June 2015 Weekly Career Horoscope:

You may be handed a bit of a lemon chore or a real 'hand grenade' this week near the 15/16th. The best thing to do is address it and not 'pass it off,' to another since your stars show you'd be 'held responsible for it anyway.' Rather than depend upon another to 'do it right,' it's better this week for you to be 100% 'hands on,' with everything you can be. Keep time free the 18th since power people and big opportunity may 'cross paths' with you.

Libra 15th June 2015 Weekly Love Horoscope:

Romance is not an easy sell this week, especially near the 16th to 18th but you do very well with tolerance and by showing good support to a partner. Your ability to 'be there no matter what' may gain you very solid ground this week. Single Scales may get super lucky both the 18th and 21st all day, especially where 'networked in,' by friends or family and/or the events involving them.

Libra 15th June 2015 Weekly Friendship Horoscope:

Friend can be a big help this week, especially near the 16th to 18th when your back is to the wall and you need 'help in everything from career to domestic' errands and favors and the 19/20th when you are 'playing beat the clock,' for some 'important deadline. Just remember to return the favor as soon as the 21st or 29/30th.


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