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Pisces in 2016

pisces 2016
Yours is a water sign, Pisces, the last one of the zodiac, where all the streams of individuality enter the ocean of oneness. Your connection with the divine is reinforced this year, yet instead of immersing you in contemplation, the change leaves you charged up and ready for transformations ahead. Uranus, the unruly planet of revolution and liberation, has been agitating and electrifying your sign since 2008. On May 27 it fires into impulsive Aries for a quick visit until August 13 before ending its long stay in Pisces on March 11, 2017. Whether you’ve encountered inner turmoil, external chaos, or a profound sense of freedom, the events of the past seven years are coming together to reveal their meaning, providing you with a greater sense of purpose and hope for the future.

Jupiter, the traditional ruler of your sign, represents wisdom and optimism. It enters Pisces on January 17, jumps into Aries on June 6–September 9, and then returns to your sign until January 22, 2017. While you can expect plenty of wind in your sails this year, the process of advancing your interests is likely to be punctuated with frequent starts and stops. Jupiter’s conjunctions with erratic Uranus on June 8, September 18, and then January 4, 2017, can bring lightning storms of intuition and intellectual breakthroughs, yet they can also shake your world with restlessness and sudden shifts of direction. Conversely, restrictive Saturn opposes Jupiter on May 23, August 16, and March 28, 2017, placing obstacles in your path. These can come in the form of resistant partners or financial limitations, yet they’re meant to shape your ambitions, not to curtail them entirely. Saturn demands structure and discipline; when your vision is rooted in patience, persistence, and planning, you’re much more likely to bring it to pass.

Your lifelong dance between the material and spiritual worlds comes into the foreground on May 2 and June 27, when responsible Saturn forms stressful quincunxes with your dreamy co-ruling planet Neptune. The pressing demands of others can pull you away from peaceful contemplation or creative reverie. These aren’t simple interruptions of your idyllic interludes, either; they’re moments when you must bring your highest inspiration into the world for practical application. Something will be lost in the translation, of course, but even an imperfect version of compassion, imagination, or idealism will contribute to your well-being and the happiness of those around you.

The Nodes of the Moon reinforce this altruistic perspective and the importance of sacrificing naive desires for real-world results. The South Node in emotional Cancer occupies your 5th House of Creativity throughout the year, suggesting the possibility of retreating into dreams of your ideal life. Yet the integrating North Node is in productive Capricorn and your 11th House of Community, pointing you toward concrete collaborative projects as more likely paths of fulfillment.

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