Scorpio 29 June 2015 Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Family Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Get as much done early in the week as you can, especially errands, provisions and appointments since your stars show your personal life grows more complicated after the end of the 1st and it may be due to problems with or for members like Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius or children and in-laws of any sign. A quarrel or disagreement may 'put you in a bad light,' near the 4th unless you handle the 'arbitration' well.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Romance appears to be very good for singles near the 30th to 2nd with promising 'length of bone,' endurance that may just progress into a committed relationship for some or all time. Paired Stingers may feel like a partner is 'gunning for a reason to quarrel,' leading up to the 4th. Outsmart them by remaining calm, using great compassion and ferreting out the 'real cause,' of their unhappiness.

Scorpio Weekly Friendship Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

A friend may 'turn on you,' or seem to, near the 1st and/or 4th or from the events of it. Confront the problem with calm and removed emotions. Do NOT 'buy into' the prevailing emotions or behavior, especially if you become involved simply because you were 'trying to help two or more friends.' Being caught in the middle is highly likely.

Scorpio Weekly Career Horoscope 29 June to 05 July 2015

Here is the most promising area to focus on this week with good results on recent efforts likely to show progress or 'pay off,' big time, especially for those of you dealing with foreign connections like China, Japan, Italy, India or the U. S. Family run businesses may have a bit more problems this week and the dynamics of members may become an issue near the 1st to 4th; stay out of it!


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