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If you feel like change is sneaking up on you this year, Scorpio, that’s because it is. You may not be ready to make any major moves just yet, but you’re starting to gather input from a variety of sources to prepare for transformation when the time comes. Pluto, the modern ruling planet of your sign, entered your 3rd House of Information on January 25, 2014, where it will spend sixteen years deepening your perceptions and empowering your words.

Pluto is especially significant this year thanks to strong aspects it forms with Jupiter and Saturn, the planets of long-range planning. Saturn, the serious one, made a tense square with Pluto on November 15, 2015, that will repeat on January 31 and August 21. These pressure-packed connections force out unrealistic fantasies, vague hopes, and faulty information to focus your attention on essential facts and details. Optimistic Jupiter’s squares to Pluto on July 25, August 3, and February 25, 2017, encourage you to expand your thinking, overcome your fear of losing control, and communicate with greater authority. Maintaining an objective, levelheaded view of your present reality while watching the horizon enlarges the map of possibilities in your life.

The importance of knowledge cannot be overstated this year with two eclipses in your 3rd House of Learning. Eclipses, like Pluto, are about the necessity of letting go to make room for something new. The Solar Eclipse on January 15 and Lunar Eclipse on June 26 remind you that your present range of perception and interest may be limited; additional training and education can make a critical difference to your future success. The narrow thinking of individuals close to you can inhibit your potential to experience a bigger reality, so be alert to the biases of the company you keep. A Lunar Eclipse in your 9th House of Big Ideas on December 31, 2015, and a Solar Eclipse in this house on July 11 reiterate the theme of mind expansion as a central one for your personal and professional development.

On January 17, visionary Jupiter leaves your 4th House of Home and Family, where it spent most of last year. The awareness you gained about yourself by looking into the past can now be applied to a more outgoing display of your creative abilities. Jupiter will be in your 5th House of Self-Expression until June 6, making an encore visit there from September 9 until January 22, 2017. This hopeful planet helps boost your confidence, allowing you to take more chances in demonstrating your talents and showing your feelings. Lucky Jupiter is in its imaginative home sign of Pisces, which is bound to lift you with inspiration and stimulate your intuition. Ironically, a more spontaneous attitude is possible when you’ve done your homework. The sharper thinking and intellectual preparation acquired from opening your mind and learning new skills provide a solid foundation that makes it more comfortable for you to take creative risks.

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