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Taurus in 2016

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Your natural reaction to being pushed is to hold your ground, but if you don’t respond to subtle calls for change this year, the pressure will only grow; you may be forced into even more difficult adjustments in the future. On the other hand, your willingness to seek new solutions can transform minor annoyances into major opportunities. The nagging issues that threaten to unravel your cocoon of safety and comfort signal a need to adjust your course. The world is moving quickly; it’s time to gear up and fully participate in the unfolding adventure. Traditional Saturn and revolutionary Uranus form the last of their five stressful oppositions on April 26 and July 26 in your 6th House of Habits and your 12th House of Spirituality. Increasing pressure at work can motivate you to consider leaving your job; your own restlessness could make it equally impossible to stick to a boring routine. Explore alternative paths to your employment to provide the stimulation you desire.

Change doesn’t have to be painful, Taurus. A Solar Eclipse in your 9th House of Future Vision on January 15 may put a crimp in your present plans, but it promises so much more in return. Its close conjunction with your ruling planet, Venus, reveals that success is a personal matter, one in which outer achievement is directly related to the pleasure you find along the way. This powerful event in ambitious Capricorn may close off one path of advancement . . . only to replace it with a sweeter one that wasn’t even on your radar. However, unconventional Uranus forms a supportive sextile to this eclipse that should excite you with an unexpected vision of your future. The creative thinking accessible to you now is essential in a year when standing still is not a viable option. On June 26, a Lunar Eclipse conjunct transformational Pluto dials up a new vibration in your adventurous 9th House. The power of this event is underscored by tense squares to Saturn and a brilliantly inventive, yet unstable, conjunction of progressive Jupiter and Uranus. Once again, you’re reminded that safety comes from embracing the bright potential of the future instead of hanging back in the shadows of the past.

Major changes require patience and planning, which are two of your strong points. Still, expansive Jupiter’s alignments with urgent Uranus on June 8 and September 18 can provoke you to pull the trigger before you’re ready. Don’t let excitement lead to carelessness. If your idea is sound, proceed methodically rather than leaping so quickly that you can’t find a place to land. A desire to change your job, seek additional education, or move to another town should shift you into a lower gear of powerful commitment. Relationship issuesmay simmer formonths before you’re ready to take serious action. Venus, the love planet, enters your sign on March 31, sparking strong reactions from passionate Mars on April 3, yet it’s unlikely that the deeper work of redefining partnerships will occur until fall.

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