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Arare alignment this year among Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto occurs in the houses of your chart associated with values, challenging you to question your core principles in the key areas of finances, selfexpression, and intimacy. Saturn spends most of the year in your 2nd House of Resources, focusing your attention on your income. Keeping a steady cash flow would be comforting, yet when confident Jupiter enters fast-moving Aries and your 8th House of Shared Resources on June 6, opportunities to earn even more can tempt you to sacrifice safety in pursuit of a bigger payoff. Even if you’re normally risk-averse—as Virgos often are—the call for movement is so great this year that it will be nearly impossible to resist.

The ways you express yourself in person and through creative activities are due for adjustment now, too. Exacting Pluto’s long-term transit through your demonstrative 5th House can force tough choices about how you spend your time and money on January 31 and August 21, when Saturn forms demanding squares. These are uncompromising reminders that you must either work harder for attention or fall back into the shadows of non-recognition.
A Solar Eclipse in this house on January 15 is another sign that it’s time to put more effort presenting yourself and your ideas to others. Training in public speaking or classes in a creative art can help you overcome any shyness or insecurity. Uranus the Awakener forms a supportive sextile to the eclipse that can stimulate unexpected interest in a totally new field; suddenly you’re more excited about your life—and more exciting to others. On June 26, a Lunar Eclipse in your 5th House is closely conjunct Pluto and square Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. This might provoke a crisis or produce a breakthrough in romantic matters, with children, or in the ways you enjoy yourself. Still, in this transformational year, it’s better to push the envelope and be the agent for change rather than futilely trying to resist it.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, has four retrograde periods in 2016 that are likely to mess with your plans and require recalculations. The year begins with Mercury retrograde in your 5th House of Love until January 15, creating romantic complications or perhaps asking you to put in more practice before a big presentation. Mercury retrograde in your 9th House of Travel and Education from April 18 until May 11 may delay a trip or necessitate makeup work in the classroom. With Mercury retrograde in your 1st House of Self from August 20 until September 12, expect changes of attitude and appearance. And the Messenger’s retrograde of December 10–30 starts in your independent 9th House then ends in your 8th House of Deep Sharing. Consider renegotiating as a way to keep relationships healthy.

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