Aries Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Aries Love and Relationship 2016

Saturn’s entry into harmonious Libra last fall began a long-term transition as you grew more serious about making love last. You may feel the pressure to commit to someone while Saturn remains in your 7th House of Partnerships, until April 7. If you then start to feel you’ve missed the boat, remember that Saturn returns to your 7th House on July 21, giving you more time to solidify a relationship. No matter what you desire, you won’t get exactly what you expect. An upset may prove to be a blessing in disguise, for the combination of opulent Jupiter and anything-can-happen Uranus in your sign together from June 6 until August 13 could bring neon rainbows that light up your heart in ways you cannot imagine.

Aries Love and Relationship 2016

Saying goodbye to the past can be difficult, even for you courageous Aries. The karmic South Node of the Moon is in your 4th House of Roots this year, luring you back through old memories. But as you travel the nostalgic streets and alleys of your childhood, the North Node in your 10th House of Career demands that you leave the security of home to assume responsibilities in the outer world. The ambitious Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 15 in your professional 10th House is a carrot on a stick, tempting you to reach for your goals. A Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on June 26 joins relentless Pluto, driving you to get ahead. But the protective Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 11 reminds you how safe it feels when you stay behind the castle walls. Don’t trade your power for comfort and give up on your dreams of success.

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