Aries Travel and Health 2016

Aries Higher Education and Travel Horoscope 2016

Boundless Jupiter rules your 9th House of Travel. On January 17, this propitious planet enters your 12th House of Imagination, activating fantasies of a spiritual journey. Your obsession for mystical adventure deepens when Jupiter forms a magical quintile with mysterious Pluto on April 1. Jupiter enters spontaneous Aries on June 6 and joins surprising Uranus on June 8, suddenly shifting your previously nebulous ideas into tangible form. Don’t forget to carefully manage all travel details during Mercury’s retrogrades on April 18–May 11, August 20–September 12, and December 10–30.

Aries Vitality and Health Horoscope 2016

One of the downsides of such a dynamic year is the amount of stress you must handle. “No Pain, No Gain” rings true for you, and well-established workout routines can build your strength while assuring good health. Nevertheless, you must make sure that you don’t burn out as you become caught up in the moment. Your best medicine is preventive: Anything that helps you keep your feet on the ground can stave off exhaustion. There is so much fire in your belly that it can be difficult to channel it productively. Taking on too much can wipe you out, but suppressing the energy can also manifest as problematic physical symptoms. Moderation is your key to physical well-being now.

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Aries Money, Career in 2016

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