August 17th-23rd Weekly Love Horoscopes 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope Aries 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance has one BIG pot hole right in the middle of the week from the 18th to the 20th when you pour tons of energy, effort, heart and soul into relationship status. While some of it may be draining, you so show good progress, especially the 22nd. Single Rams may score long range and 'hot' hook up potential the 17/18th all day and the evenings of the 21/22nd.

Weekly Love Horoscope Taurus 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance does best for the Bull near the 17th during the day time, the 19th all day and the evenings of the 22/23rd. Being introduced by friends or meeting through 'gatherings,' social or family, is highly likely. Long range potential is high with Virgo, Cancer, Libra, Aries, other Bulls and Pisces. Music related pursuits set the best stage. Upgrades are very likely for Bulls in committed relationships.

Weekly Love Horoscope Gemini 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance can be your undoing this week if you challenge a partner near the 17th to 20th. Care should be taken to fix any problems they perceive, even if you are not in agreement that they exist. Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces are prone to be 'over or somewhat sensitive' this week; make allowances for it.

Weekly Love Horoscope Cancer 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance does rather well once we clear the "hurtles" of the 19/20th. Single Crabs fair best with hot new meetings during day time hours the 18th to 20th and evenings of the 17th and 22/23rd. Paired Cancers want more security, clarity and commitment this week and may 'talk' to get it. Long discussions are likely. Know when to 'quit' and that you have 'gotten all your going to get,' at this stage.

Weekly Love Horoscope Leo 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance does well for single Lions this week with hot days peppered the 17th, 20th, 22nd and especially the 23rd. Libra, Aries, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius appear candidates. Paired Lions may see clashes, close calls and 'break ups' the 17th to 20th. Once you spot a problem, fix it fast with a 'good honest talk and lots of eye contact.'

Weekly Love Horoscope Virgo 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance does best for single Virgos and provides some reasonable level of success the 16th and 19th but not the 20/21st, as those meetings tend to 'fizzle' fast or be too much work ultimately. Paired Virgos may send out the wrong signals and end up in unhappy discussion 'explaining' a lot in an effort to fix things, especially IF paired to Gemini, other Virgos, Leo, Aries or Aquarius.

Weekly Love Horoscope Libra 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance does best near the 19th and 22/23rd, especially for single Scales looking for 'new promising potential,' and they may find it in Leo, Aries, Libra, Virgo, Pisces or Taurus. Upgrades or 'next level commitment' appear likely near both the 19th and 21st for paired Scales, especially if Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Pisces or Aquarius are involved.

Weekly Love Horoscope Scorpio 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance does well for single Stingers this week near the hot connection times of the whole day the 20th, the day time hours of the 22nd and the entire 23rd, especially in social or community events/exposures. Paired Scorpios may find long talks, clashes and emotional issues the 18th during the day and the 10th all day.

Weekly Love Horoscope Sagittarius 17-23 Aug. '25

Here we see great 'risk' this week. You may not have all the facts and info necessary to make a decision or handle an emotional situation and that may be actual facts about the person/situation or it may be 'info on how you really feel/think.' DO NOT ACT until you know the answers. Restlessness and resentful emotions appear to dominate the 18th to 20th and you could end up with a very bad case of 'foot in mouth' disease.

Weekly Love Horoscope Capricorn 17-23 Aug. '25

There are good opportunities all week for single Sea Goats looking for 'temporary companionship,' especially the 17th to 19th but if long range is more your investment style, you'll love the 20th to 23rd when Virgo, Libra, Aries, Leo, Taurus and Cancer become prime real estate. Paired Caps may spend some 'long chat time,' but it appears to both fix problems and form upgrades.

Weekly Love Horoscope Aquarius 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance shows two distinct sides this week; restless, rebellious energies that can lead to break up, alienation or misunderstandings the 17th to 19th and huge potential for change and progress the 21st to 23rd. Single Juggers do best the evenings of the 20th and 22nd and all day the 21st and 23rd.

Weekly Love Horoscope Pisces 17-23 Aug. '25

Romance hits a sour note near the 17th to 19th as some Fish may find 'termination' and/or a 'close call.' IF you have been wanting to leave a troubled relationship, you just may find a great opportunity to 'dump out,' early in the week. Once it seems to 'make an end' by itself, let it. Distrust your ESP the 20th but respect it the 22/23rd. Single Fish 'may' get lucky near the 20th, 22nd and 23rd but it may be 'short lived.'


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