Cancer Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Cancer Love and Relationship 2016

Love isn’t something you fall into blindly this year; it’s too precious to be given over to chance. This may not sound terribly romantic, but gaining complete control over your emotions and earning the respect you deserve are more important than proving how likable you are, even if it costs you some comfort and your reputation for being cute and cuddly. Incisive Pluto in ambitious Capricorn has been journeying through your 7th House of Others since early 2014, weeding out individuals and attitudes that leave you unfulfilled. Going it alone probably isn’t your ideal solution, yet is better than trying to please a selfish or unfair person. Two eclipses in this house clearly show that this is a time for major change. The karmic North Node of the Moon is also in Capricorn, reminding you to move beyond your need to sustain the status quo at any cost. Alluring Venus’s retrograde in your 5th House from October 8 until November 18 revives memories of an old love or complicates a current connection.

Cancer Love and Relationship 2016

Finding harmony in your domestic life requires both clarity and compromise what with responsible Saturn in your 4th House of Home and Family for most of the year. Except for a retreat to your 3rd House from April 26 until July 21, the ringed planet challenges you to keep your cool and communicate objectively with family members and roommates. If you’re feeling isolated or unsupported, the Libra Full Moon on March 29 can prompt strong reactions that will bring these sensitive issues out into the open. Energetic Mars in your 4th House from July 29 to September 14 increases activity within your household and triggers competitive feelings; your wisest course is to apply this energy toward beautifying your domain and coexisting peacefully.

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