Cancer Money and Career 2016

Cancer Public Life and Career 2016

You’re more than likely to break into a totally new field or discover a fresh approach to your current profession this year. The first signs of surprise appear when the New Moon in unstoppable Aries occurs in your 10th House of Career on April 14, urging you to discover new opportunities. Chaotic Uranus enters this house on May 27, followed by visionary Jupiter on June 6, quickening the pace of your work life. If you simply try to hold your ground, you may be overrun by circumstances beyond your control. Take the initiative by seeking more stimulating work—perhaps even starting your own business—and you should be able to ride this rolling tide to a thrilling level of success.

Cancer Finances and Money 2016

Don’t worry too much if the year starts out with a slight financial slide. Enterprising Mars is moving retrograde in your 2nd House of Possessions until March 10, which can slow down revenue-producing projects and reduce your cash flow. This is a time to avoid unnecessary purchases and tighten your budget. Once Mars goes direct, though, creative ideas and bold moves can quickly earn you more money. Your potential for successful speculation doesn’t end when Mars leaves this house on June 7, either; magnetic Venus moves in on June 14, attracting people and resources to fuel your ambition. A joyous sense of adventure will motivate your efforts and be more fruitful than working dutifully but without delight.

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