Cancer Travel and Health 2016

Cancer Higher Education and Travel Horoscope 2016

Most of this year is excellent for expanding your mind through travel and education. Jupiter, the planet associated with learning, occupies your 9th House of Higher Education and Long Journeys through June 6, returning there from September 9 until January 22, 2016. Hitting the road brings you hope by inspiring you with a wider range of options. Study, whether formal or informal, will be richly rewarding as long as you are emotionally engaged in the subject. Dealing with dry data and technical issues, though, can turn your mind to mush if you don’t have a feel for the material.

Cancer Vitality and Health Horoscope 2016

Managing stress could be a significant issue this year as you up your workload and, perhaps, take on more than you can handle. Enthusiastic Jupiter, the ruler of your 6th House of Health, is buffeted by hard aspects with restrictive Saturn, reactionary Uranus, and relentless Pluto from May 23 until March 28, 2016. Excitement about major projects and professional opportunities can lead you to overlook basic self-care and maintenance. An unhealthy tendency to allow circumstances to undermine your routine could push you to the edge of exhaustion. A Solar Eclipse in your 1st House of Physicality on July 11 aligns harmoniously with Mars in sensible Virgo, making this a good time to establish new patterns for diet and exercise and reduce the energetic extremes.

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