Capricorn Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Capricorn Love and Relationship 2016

In this year of dramatic changes, romantic issues come to the foreground with the Solar Eclipse of January 15 conjunct the love planet, Venus. It’s a reminder that old pleasures and partnerships, no matter how cuddly and comfortable they are, may not be stimulating enough for you now. Your capacity to make life beautiful for yourself is an excellent way to create the kind of relationships you want. A Solar Eclipse in your 7th House of Others on July 11 also signals a shift in how you connect with people. Fortunately, energetic Mars in hardworking Virgo aligns favorably with this Sun-Moon conjunction, providing the initiative to solidify a current union or develop a new one.

Capricorn Home and Family 2016

Excitement is definitely coming to your place this year. Revolutionary Uranus and enthusiastic Jupiter visit your 4th House of Roots, leaving you eager to move—or perhaps creating a shift in your family structure. Restless Uranus drops by on May 27 and will stay until August 13 before settling in with a seven-year lease on March 11, 2017. Generous Jupiter shows up on June 6, leaves September 9, and returns next year. This vibrant pair rips open the pages of the family album to rattle your view of the past and stimulate bold plans for the future. It’s unsettling as your high hopes for a bigger place, your own business, or moving to a new location are delayed when restricting Saturn and Pluto intermittently aspect Jupiter and Uranus. The more ambitious your idea, the more patient and cautious you need to be in its execution.

Capricorn Overview 2016

Capricorn Finances 2016

Capricorn Vitality and Higher Education 2016


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