Capricorn Money and Career 2016

Capricorn Public Life and Career 2016

Disciplined Saturn entered your 10th House of Career on October 29, 2014, and it will remain primarily in this sector of your chart until October 2017. This is a time for you to establish your professional standing—or recognize that a radical change of direction is due. You may feel the burden of additional responsibilities this year, and perhaps encounter contraction in your line of work. It’s going to take some masterful strategy to keep your balance in this volatile environment. No single approach covers all the bases, so be prepared to move quickly when Saturn aspects unstable Uranus on April 26 and July 26 and to contract and consolidate when it squares Pluto on January 31 and August 21. Career decisions are yours to make, of course, but knowledgeable colleagues can give you an objective perspective.

Capricorn Finances and Money 2016

Hard work and dedication are major assets, but intelligent innovation and careful resource management are your keys to making money this year. On the one hand, it’s appropriate to be bold on June 8, September 18, and January 4, 2016, with expansive Jupiter joining electric Uranus, the ruler of your 2nd House of Income. Brilliant ideas can motivate you to take risks that radically alter your income. Still, confining Saturn’s intermittent oppositions to this enthusiastic pair in May, August, and September can test unrealistic dreams. Matching revolutionary concepts with down-to-earth planning is a winning combination during these times.

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