Gemini Family, Love and Relationship 2016

Gemini Love and Relationship 2016

Authoritative Saturn can be your best friend, and happiness can be yours if you learn to play by its strict rules of conduct. You won’t be able to get away with too much daydreaming now, because the taskmaster planet is in your 5th House of Love and Romance all year, except April 7–July 21. This isn’t about being swept off your feet or suddenly meeting your dream lover. Instead of following frivolous attractions, your heart is engaged in more mature pursuits. Saturn reminds you that real love may not always be chocolates and roses, and that doing the right thing on a regular basis is your best path to making love last.

Gemini Love and Relationship 2016

Saturn visits your 4th House of Foundations from April 7 to July 21, insisting that you live up to your previous commitments. A serious situation at home can require you to take on increased responsibilities. But doing the right thing for your family can mean sacrificing somewhere else. It’s essential to be conscious about your choices rather than making them haphazardly or having them made for you. Trickster Mercury retrogrades in your 4th House from August 20 to September 12, and since Mercury is your key planet, you may find yourself redoing a project you thought was already complete. Don’t undertake a major remodel during this time; it might not unfold as you planned.

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