Gemini Money and Career 2016

Gemini Public Life and Career 2016

Bountiful Jupiter blesses your 10th House of Career from January 17 to June 6 and then again from September 9 to January 22, 2016, expanding your professional sphere and ensuring that your contributions will be recognized and rewarded. Meanwhile, unpredictable Uranus has been destabilizing your public life since 2009, and continues to shake things up throughout the year. A Jupiter- Uranus conjunction can bring sudden opportunities—especially around June 8 and September 18—yet your good fortune can shift as quickly as a spring breeze. Ultimately, lucky Jupiter’s presence indicates that a gamble will pay off. Nevertheless, oppositions to conservative Saturn on April 26, May 23, July 26, and August 16 could slow you down if you’ve reached beyond your limits.

Gemini Finances and Money 2016

Powerful forces are at work on your finances when Pluto in your 8th House of Shared Resources is squared by restrictive Saturn on January 31 and August 21. You may feel as if your best efforts are being thwarted by circumstances beyond your control. Squandering hard-earned money on foolish acquisitions will only increase your fiscal problems. Although a business investment will likely pay off, the best way to make money now is by not spending it. Conscious consumption helps you conserve your resources, making you richer without having to work any harder.

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